Pure Spec 2014: Spec: The Final Frontier

November 14-16, 2014 at the Ramada Conference Centre Edmonton.

With David Gerrold, Dave Gross, Dan Riskin, Amber E. Scott, and Skype guest Samuel R. Delany!

Pure Spec 2014 Welcomes David Gerrold

Photoigraph of Dave GerroldPure Speculation is pleased to welcome as one of its David Gerrold Guests of Honour . Best known for writing the famous “The Trouble with Tribbles” episode of the original Star Trek series, Gerrold has an extensive history of involvement with the Star Trek franchise, including writing episodes of Star Trek: The Animated Series, and several books such as Worlds of Star Trek, The Trouble with Tribbles, and The Galactic Whirlpool.

Outside of the Trek franchise, Gerrold also wrote scripts for the original Land of the Lost TV series (which he also helped develop), as well as Sliders, Babylon 5, and the 1980s revival of The Twilight Zone. His original fiction includes The Man Who Folded Himself, When HARLIE was One, and the semi-autobiographical novelette The Martian Child, which was made into a film in 2007.

Today, Gerrold can be found at http://www.gerrold.com, which includes a blog and bibliography. Come and see David Gerrold at Pure Speculation 2014, November 14-16 at the Ramada Conference Centre, Edmonton.


Hotel info

Check out our shiny new hotel page for all the details about staying at the hotel. Plus, reasons to consider getting a room even if you’re not travelling from outside Edmonton. Only one of the reasons involves snow!

Join the Pure Spec Organizing Committee

Pure Spec is looking for help with our organizing committee, and we want YOU.

As we approach Pure Speculation, the duties pile up, and we could use any extra pair of hands (or three) to help. You don’t need important contacts or reams of free time: just a good attitude and being ready to help (and bring pie!). Make suggestions, help get the word out, and keep on top of what we’re planning. Members who aren’t able to volunteer at Pure Spec events still get discounts on tickets.

We generally meet at one of our members’ house on Sundays: the frequency of meetings depends on how close we are to a major event. Please email pure.speculation@gmail.com for the address. Our next meetings will be Sunday, September 21, with an Events Committee meeting at 5:30, and an Organizing Committee meeting at 6:00 pm. The length of meetings depends on how much we have to do, but everyone is free to come and go as they like.

Vanessa Cardui will be at the Uniformal!

We’re delighted to announce the one of the two musical acts that will be playing the SciFi UniformalVanessa Cardui! We’ve been talking about bringing her back ever since we were lucky enough to have her at Pure Spec in 2012, so we’re extra thrilled to have her at the Uniformal.

Vanessa CarduiCalgary-based Vanessa Cardui has been working as a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and recording artist since 2004, specializing in service to fandom and other communities of delightfully weird people. Her new self-produced album, Filk and Cookies, is a triumph of frivolous whimsy, and her fourth full-length album, Patience, is currently in production following a successful Kickstarter in the fall of 2013.

If you buy an advance weekend pass to the festival, you can get a discount on your Uniformal ticket. Check it out on the tickets page!

And keep watching our website, Facebook, and/or Twitter for more exciting announcements. Between now and the festival we’ll be telling you more about our panels and gaming, Taste of Spec, our second Uniformal act, and more!

Pictures from InterNerd!

Here are pictures from the fourth annual InterNerd Gathering on July 26. Thank you to everyone who came for making it a great success! Hopefully next year the weather will be a teensy bit drier.

Thanks also to Stan for taking these pictures.

Volunteer position: room monitor!

Have you considered volunteering for Pure Spec? Volunteering is a lot of fun. Volunteer rewards include muffins through our “Muffins 4 Minions” program, now in its second year, and reimbursement of your weekend pass if you volunteer for six hours or more.

One of the many exciting positions we recruit volunteers for is room monitor. Room monitors help to keep the panel rooms running smoothly and on time, so that all the wonderfully geeky things we are planning will have the planned amount of time. They also help us to develop great programming by recording data on how many people attend panels.

Visit our Volunteer page to learn more about Room Monitor and other available volunteer positions.

Gaming & ticket pages

Greetings, Speculators! We have for you today two shiny, new, highly informative pages on our website: the gaming page brings you an overview of what we are planning for gaming programming this year, and the tickets page provides an easy way for you to buy your ticket to this year’s festival. You can also pick up tickets to Taste of Spec on Friday and our SciFi Uniformal on Saturday at the advance-weekend-pass-holder prices, though of course you will need to have an advance weekend pass to use them.

InterNerd is happening now!

Though it’s a bit damp-ish, the InterNerd Gathering is still a go! We’ve appropriated picnic shelter #3 here in Hawrelak park, as the people who had booked it appear to have been driven off by the weather.

Vendor registration now open

Registration is now open for vendor tables at Pure Spec 2014. Both an online form and a PDF form are available on the vendor info page, along with information about our vendor passes and listings.

Vendor tables sold out last year. Though we’ve added a few more this year, space is still limited, and it’s definitely still in your best interests to apply as soon as possible.