Pure Spec 2014: Spec: The Final Frontier

November 14-16, 2014 at the Ramada Conference Centre Edmonton.

With David Gerrold, Dave Gross, Dan Riskin, Amber E. Scott, and Skype guest Samuel R. Delany!

InterNerd is happening now!

Though it’s a bit damp-ish, the InterNerd Gathering is still a go! We’ve appropriated picnic shelter #3 here in Hawrelak park, as the people who had booked it appear to have been driven off by the weather.

Vendor registration now open

Registration is now open for vendor tables at Pure Spec 2014. Both an online form and a PDF form are available on the vendor info page, along with information about our vendor passes and listings.

Vendor tables sold out last year. Though we’ve added a few more this year, space is still limited, and it’s definitely still in your best interests to apply as soon as possible.

Fourth Annual InterNerd Gathering

July 26 – Noon – William Hawrelak Park

The InterNerd Gathering is a multi-fandom event where we try to gather as many of the geeky/nerdy meetups and social groups in Edmonton together in once place!

This year’s Gathering will include the Edmonton Nerdfighters, Edmonton Harry Potter Club, and possibly others!

Pure Speculation will be running a barbecue fundraiser, with either a burger or hot dog (incl. vegetarian options!) and pop for $5 or just a pop for $1.

Please bring snacks and/or desserts to share potluck-style. If possible, please try to bring your own dishes and cutlery.

Come dressed as your favourite character (be it from Harry Potter, or any other Geek or Fandom character you like!) in their summerwear. Darth Vader in a Hawaiian shirt? Wizards in bathing suits? BRING IT ON!!! There will be prizes for the best costumes! Also, bring water guns! And frisbees! And bubbles! And anything else that would be fun without making a mess or hurting anybody!

If you can, please RSVP on Facebook or Meetup. On the day of the event, check our Twitter to find out precisely where in Hawrelak Park we’ve set up.

Mini-Spec silent auction preview #1

Here’s a sneak peak at two of the items that will be at the silent auction at Mini-Spec on Sunday:

Captain America The Joker

Pewter figures of Captain America and The Joker, by Comic Book Champions.

Check back tomorrow for another silent auction preview!

A portion of all Pure Spec fundraising proceeds goes to Crystal Kids.