Or, for those of you who were at the Time Traveller’s Ball: Happy New Year Again! Thank you all for your support in 2014. We’re still getting our plans for […]

Remember, Speculators, the Time Traveller’s Ball is tonight at 8:00 pm at Westwood Unitarian Congregation (11135 – 65 Ave NW). Advance tickets are still available for $20 if you hurry. […]

Though we often save spooky stories for Hallowe’en now, the Victorians liked to tell ghost stories on Christmas Eve. In the spirit of that tradition, here’s a link to a […]

The festival is now behind us for another year. Thank yous go out to: our sponsors, On Spec Magazine and the Edmonton Arts Council, without whom we wouldn’t be able […]

With the festival very nearly upon us—remember, Taste of Spec is tonight—here are some last-minute updates to all kinds of things. The Family Programming page now has a schedule for […]

Charity Auction Spotlight: Gaming

Regular Pure Specians (Speculites?Speculons?) know that our annual silent auction in support of Crystal Kids has a bit of something for everyone. If you’re a gamer, this year’s auction is […]